Annual Reports and Accounts

On an annual basis the charity is required to submit accounts and a report summarising the activities of the charity for the last year. This is submitted to the Charity Commission via the website.
The reporting year for the charity is 1 April to 31 March. With the exception of the first reporting year, all other reports have covered a 12 month period.
Due to the income thresholds it is sometimes necessary to appoint an independent examiner to review the accounts. This has not been necessary every year.
The goal of Equal People was to open performing arts facilities that are accessible to all. In 2014/2015 a facility to accommodate the needs of all was opened and the many years of donations and charitable activities was invested. Now the charity needs to maintain the wonderful facility and ensure that opportunities are available to allow the charity to continue fulfilling the objectives.
The charity undertakes a number of fundraising activities every year, including an annual ball, seasonal raffles, a wide range of sponsored events and from time to time recognised as charity of the year in corporate bodies. If you would like to participate in fundraising activities please contact the Chair of Fundraising Committee.
It is the charity policy that reserves are secured within low risk investments, in a way that gives the best return whilst being flexible to achieve the goal.