At the Trustee meeting on Wednesday, the Board of Trustees unanimously agreed to Ian Smith taking over the role of Chair.

Ian has been a Trustee since the formation of the Charity, having been so inspired when seeing the work of Mushroom Theatre Company, as a friend of Penni and her family. He works as a professional sports coach in primary schools, and previously been a Sales Manager for the market leader in the music industry, and is looking forward to helping take Equal People Performing Arts forward along with the rest of the Trustees and other Volunteers.

Dawn Scrafield – the former chair – will continue to serve as a Trustee and also as Treasurer, but Ian’s increased involvement and responsibilities will allow her to focus on the Treasurer role and get more time with her family too. Something we of course always consider important.

Pat Mitchell is continuing in her role as Secretary to the Board of Trustees, but has stepped down as Secretary of the Fundraising Committee. Again, this is to enable her to focus on one key role and to get more time with family.

Paul Shuttleworth also continues as a Trustee and member of the Fundraising Committee, and will be picking up additional responsibilities over the coming months as soon as 12-week old Phoebe let’s him get some sleep.

Although not a Trustee, Penni Bubb continues to support the Board as Founder and Creative Advisor, whilst also overseeing most of the day-today operations within the Studios as the Director of Mushroom Theatre Company.

The Trustees meet formally every six weeks, and are looking to invite new members to join them this year also. If you’d be interested in exploring this further, you can contact Pat via the Contact page.